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Putin Calls Trudeau an Idiot – Chrystia Freeland Nervous About Probes into Her Family History

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Canada’s history of honouring former World War II bad guys has recently been scrutinized. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau an idiot for the Parliament’s applauding of a controversial figure. This incident has led to people delving into the family history of Chrystia Freeland, a prominent Canadian politician, which has made her nervous.

The controversy stems from the Parliament’s standing ovation for a World War II figure who had connections to the Communist regime in Russia. While the historical context might explain the alliance with Russia at the time, many are questioning how the parliamentarians failed to recognize this. The Russian President criticized the lack of historical knowledge and called anyone who supports the figure a villain.

However, there needs to be clarity regarding whom Putin specifically targeted with his remarks. Some sources claim he referred to the Speaker of the Canadian Parliament, while others argue it was directed towards a different individual. Regardless, it is evident that Putin’s comments are part of a propaganda campaign, just like the efforts from both sides involved in this situation.

One event that has further fueled the controversy is the recent apology from Canada’s Governor General, Mary Simon, for awarding a top Canadian honour to a former World War II bad guy soldier almost four decades ago. This former soldier served in the WAFF and SS units, which raises questions about the judgment and knowledge of those who bestowed the honour.

One politician who has come under scrutiny is Chrystia Freeland. Due to her Ukrainian heritage and involvement in the Ukrainian community, questions have been raised about her knowledge of the history surrounding these controversial figures. Given her family history and connections, it has been alleged that she was aware of their background when honouring them.

Evidence suggests that Freeland’s uncle, Miroslav, served in the Ukrainian Galan Division, part of the Waffen-SS. This raises doubts about her claim of ignorance regarding the figure being honoured in Parliament. Additionally, it has been revealed that Freeland worked as an assistant for Peter Savarin, who received the Order of Canada despite his connection to a Waffen-SS unit.

Freeland has been asked directly about her knowledge of these individuals, but her responses have been vague and evasive. She has expressed regret for the incident in Parliament but has failed to provide a clear answer regarding her awareness of their history. This has only added to the suspicions surrounding her involvement and knowledge.

Calls from Poland to extradite the figure in question as a war criminal have further escalated the situation. The Canadian government is now facing pressure to disclose information about other veterans who fought with the Nazis present in the country.

The unfolding of this story has highlighted Canada’s troubling history of honouring individuals linked to World War II bad guys. It has also raised concerns about the country’s potential harbouring of fugitives and war criminals. Canadians demand transparency and accountability regarding the past and are eager to uncover the truth behind these events.

As this story continues to develop, it is clear that Chrystia Freeland is becoming increasingly anxious about the scrutiny into her family history. The Canadian public wants answers, and investigating these matters is essential to ensure justice and maintain Canada’s reputation on the global stage.

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