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Unam sanctam Vatican’s Claim of Ownership Over Souls Exposed

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In a recent exposé, evidence has emerged regarding the alleged ownership of souls by the Vatican. This dark revelation sheds light on the intricate system that governs our society and the power wielded by certain influential individuals. These revelations result from years of research unveiling the true nature of the Vatican and its role in shaping the world.

The Catholic Church and its long history of power and control are central to this revelation. From the time of the Inquisition to the Crusades, the Roman cult has exerted immense influence, using its sorcery and evil practices to manipulate and shape society to suit their agenda.

One key event that marked a significant turning point was the creation of the first express trust in history by Pope Boniface VIII in 1302. This trust, known as Unum Sanctum, claimed ownership over the entire world and all its souls. The papal bull associated with this trust, sealed and stored in the Vatican vaults, has cursed humanity ever since.

The Catholic Church continued to expand its control by creating the Julian and Flavian dynasties, morphing into the Roman cult backed by a dark priesthood. These powerful figures manipulated and controlled the masses, using their influence to further their own interests.

Another significant trust created by Pope Nicholas V in 1455, known as Testamentary Trust, conveyed all worldly possessions into the trust, further consolidating the Vatican’s power and control. This trust claimed ownership over real estate and personal property, leaving individuals lacking true ownership.

These trusts, along with others, collectively referred to as the Sestakv Trusts, strip individuals of their sovereignty and reduce them to mere subjects of the Vatican’s rule. The birth certificates and identification numbers assigned to individuals serve as titles to their souls, as registered in the Vatican’s registries.

This shocking revelation explains the pervasive corruption and suffering that plague our society. The courts, which are ecclesiastical in nature, administer justice based on Catholic canon law. Judges, clerks, and prosecutors all play specific roles within this system, with the judge acting as a trustee, the clerk as the executor, and the prosecutor as the executor.

It is imperative to note that these individuals operate under commercial law, admiralty law, and even Talmudic law, all of which serve the interests of the Vatican and its control over souls. They extract fines and penalties from individuals who unwittingly become accusers and witnesses in their own cases, confessing their alleged sins and paying a steep price for redemption.

However, there is hope for those seeking liberation from this system. The collapse of the Sestakv Trusts and the creation of ecclesiastical deed polls offer individuals a way to reclaim their sovereignty and challenge the authority of the Vatican. By understanding how the courts operate and asserting their knowledge, individuals can resist the coercion and manipulation aimed at maintaining the status quo.

It is essential to approach the courtroom with awareness and consciousness, refusing to identify with the trust name and recognizing the judge as the trustee. Refraining from consenting to the court’s authority and asserting our true identity can challenge the existing power structure and bring true justice and freedom.

This revelation serves as a wake-up call for humanity. The elites and institutions perpetuating this system through fear and manipulation must be held accountable. We can dismantle the chains of control and create a society founded on true justice and freedom through knowledge and collective action.

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