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Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

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An exclusive interview with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was conducted by Tucker Carlson, discussing the ongoing war in Ukraine. In the interview, Putin expressed his belief that Russia has historical claims to parts of Western Ukraine dating back to the 8th century. He referenced the history of Russia and Ukraine, highlighting the baptism of Russia, the unification and fragmentation of Russian lands, and the involvement of Poland and Lithuania.

Putin continued to express his view that Ukraine is an “artificial state” shaped at the will of the Soviet Union. He emphasized the importance of denazification in Ukraine and the need to prohibit the cultivation of neo-Nazism in the country.

When asked about his perception of the supernatural at work in the world, Putin stated that he believes in inherent laws governing the development of the world community. He commented on genetic research’s potential threats and the possibility of creating genetically engineered individuals.

The interview touched on various other topics, including NATO expansion, the impact of sanctions, and the role of religion in shaping Russian culture and society.

The interview provided insight into Putin’s perspective on historical claims in Ukraine, the impact of genetic research, and the role of religion in Russian culture. It also addressed geopolitical tensions and the potential for denazification in Ukraine.

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