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This is the BIGGEST scandal in recent American history and the FBI is covering it up

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The recent developments regarding the January 6 pipe bomb hoax and the FBI’s potential cover-up have raised significant concerns and implications. It has been revealed that the identity of the individual who tipped off police and the Secret Service about the pipe bomb has been confirmed. Additionally, new information suggests that the FBI may have been involved in a potential cover-up of the hoax.

The individual in question, known as “backpack guy,” has been identified as a non-uniformed, plain-clothed police officer employed by the Capitol Hill Police. This revelation has ignited further scrutiny of the events surrounding the discovery of the pipe bomb and the subsequent actions of law enforcement.

Furthermore, it has been brought to light that the FBI may have obstructed efforts to pursue the investigation into the individual linked to the pipe bombings. Former FBI agent Kyle Sarapin has alleged that his team was tasked with surveilling the suspect, only to be abruptly pulled off the case and re-assigned to lower-priority targets.

Additionally, the revelation that the pipe bombs used in the hoax closely resemble those employed at an FBI training facility raises questions about the source and intent behind the fake devices. The fact that these devices were potentially used deceptively, coupled with the FBI’s purported involvement, has triggered calls for a thorough and transparent investigation into the matter.

The role of the Secret Service in relation to the discovery of the pipe bomb has also come under scrutiny, as their proximity to the device at the time of discovery has raised concerns about their response to the situation. The revelation that schoolchildren were allowed to pass by the bomb location without any intervention has further raised questions about the handling of the situation by law enforcement and security personnel.

Overall, the unfolding developments in the January 6 pipe bomb hoax and the potential involvement of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies raise serious concerns about the transparency and accountability of those tasked with ensuring public safety. As the story develops, the public must remain vigilant and informed about the implications of these revelations.

It is important to note that while the information presented here raises significant concerns, it is essential to await further verification and investigation before drawing any conclusive judgments about the events in question. The implications of this story, if proven to be accurate, could have a far-reaching impact on the trust and integrity of law enforcement and security agencies in the United States.

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