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“The U.S. is committing SUICIDE if we do this to Iran” Scott Ritter

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The United States is facing growing concerns about the potential for a military conflict with Iran. Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter has warned that the Biden administration appears ready to do whatever it takes to silence Iran, with the help of United members of the United States Congress who are banging the drums for war.

Ritter criticized the claims made by former UN weapons inspector David Albright, who has been pushing for the violent disarmament of Iran. He emphasized that Iran is not pursuing a military program and is permitted to develop its nuclear capabilities under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Ritter also expressed concern about the presence of American forces in illegally occupied areas, stating that they have become nothing more than targets. He criticized the Biden administration for not doing a policy review and called for withdrawing American forces from these regions.

He warned that a military conflict with Iran would be disastrous for the United States, as the country is not postured to win such a war. He emphasized that the US military professionals are looking at the correlation of forces in the region and have concluded that the US cannot follow through on the action promised in the event of a conflict with Iran.

Ritter concluded by expressing hope that the military professionals will advise against starting a conflict with Iran and urged the Biden administration to prioritize peace over war.

The potential for a military conflict with Iran is a serious concern, and the public must stay informed and critically evaluate the situation.

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