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Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef On Palestine’s Treatment

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The latest news surrounding the Israel-Hamas war has sparked a heated debate between two individuals, one of whom has family in Gaza. While the individuals involved in the discussion are not named, their views on the conflict and the treatment of Palestinians are brought to light.

The discussion begins with one individual expressing their concern and sadness over the recent events, citing the personal connection they have to Gaza through their wife’s family. They discuss the repetitive nature of the bombings and the difficulties faced by Palestinians. However, they inject dark humour into the conversation, making light of the situation.

The other individual attempts to steer the conversation towards a more severe tone, referring to an interview with a well-known figure, Ben Shapiro. They praise Shapiro for his intelligence and agree with his views on the conflict, including annexing Gaza and taking a harsh approach towards Hamas.

The discussion takes a contentious turn when the first individual questions the proportionality of Israel’s response and asks how many more casualties are needed to satisfy those calling for a response. They also highlight the collateral damage and civilian deaths in such conflicts.

The second individual responds by stating that Hamas is responsible for the conflict and that their actions of targeting civilians are not morally equivalent to Israel’s actions. They argue that the purpose of war is to defeat the enemy and that disproportionately destroying an enemy is not ethically superior to a proportional response.

The conversation continues with the second individual expressing their support for Israel’s actions and suggesting that a proportionate response would result in the killing of innocent Palestinians. They emphasize the need for victory in war and dismiss the idea of moral equivalency.

The first individual attempts to bring the discussion back to the disproportionate response and questions the justification for Israel’s actions in the West Bank, where Hamas does not exist, and why previous disproportionate responses have failed to solve the conflict.

The second individual responds by focusing on the nature of war and the inevitability of civilian casualties. They mention historical conflicts and argue that securing victory is the only moral justification for war.

The conversation concludes abruptly, with the first individual bidding farewell and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to speak. Despite the differing viewpoints and heated arguments, they share news of their family’s safety and give a darkly humorous comment about their bombed house.

In summary, the debate highlighted the contrasting perspectives on the Israel-Hamas conflict. The discussion touched upon the challenges faced by Palestinians, the proportionality of responses, and the moral justifications for war.

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