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Palestinians Assert Legal Right to Resistance Against Israeli Colonialism

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In response to the recent attacks in Israel and Palestine, providing context often overlooked by mainstream media is important. Understanding this conflict requires acknowledging key facts that are often omitted. Firstly, 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza live under an illegal Israeli blockade, effectively making it an open-air prison. This blockade has existed for 16 years and is widely condemned as illegal.

According to international law, Palestinians have a legal right to armed resistance against Israeli colonialism. United Nations resolutions support this right, recognizing and affirming Palestinians’ right to resist colonial and foreign domination. It is essential to examine the evidence from reputable sources to understand the legitimacy of this right.

Additionally, it is essential to acknowledge that Israel is considered a colonial apartheid regime. While this claim was once controversial, numerous mainstream human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and UN bodies, have acknowledged that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians constitutes a crime against humanity. Israel’s system of apartheid against the Palestinian people has been widely condemned.

It is essential to note that the conflict in Israel and Palestine is not about religion, as often portrayed in Western media. This conflict is fundamentally about national liberation and self-determination, akin to other historical struggles against colonialism. Comparisons can be drawn to conflicts such as Northern Ireland, where Catholic and Protestant communities resisted British colonialism, or South Africa, where the African National Congress opposed apartheid.

The establishment of Israel was rooted in European colonialism, as seen in the writings of Theodore Herzel, the father of modern political Zionism. British colonialists endorsed the creation of a European-style colonial Jewish state in Palestinian Arab territory in the 1917 Balfour Declaration. Since then, the Zionist movement has ethnically cleansed and displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland.

International bodies, including the United Nations, have repeatedly condemned Israel’s actions, but no substantial consequences have been imposed due to US intervention. The US consistently uses its veto power in the UN Security Council to protect Israel from facing accountability for its violations of international law.

Palestinians have resorted to armed resistance due to ongoing Israeli repression and violence. Peaceful protests are met with lethal force from Israeli snipers, even targeting medics and journalists. Palestinians have no viable alternative, leading them to exercise their legal right to armed resistance.

Palestinians’ right to armed struggle is grounded in international law and comparable to other liberation struggles throughout history. Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and other leaders of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa have voiced their support for Palestine, highlighting their similarities.

The bipartisan support for Israeli colonialism and apartheid in the United States is undeniable, as both the Democratic and Republican parties consistently align with Israel’s actions. Former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have expressed unwavering support for Israel, ignoring international law and human rights concerns.

Furthermore, it is crucial to differentiate the situation in Ukraine from that of Palestine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s condemnation of Palestinian resistance as unprovoked demonstrates his alignment with Israel. However, countries in the Global South, like South Africa, stand firmly with the Palestinian people, understanding their right to resistance against Israeli colonialism.

In conclusion, understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict requires acknowledging the facts often omitted in mainstream media coverage. Palestinians’ legal right to armed resistance against Israeli colonialism is supported by international law and recognized by reputable sources. The conflict is not religious but a struggle for national liberation and self-determination. It is crucial to hold those responsible for violations of international law and human rights accountable and support the rights of Palestinians as afforded by international law.

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