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Most Popular American Rabbi Says to Kill ALL Israeli Hostages

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In a recent online video, Rabbi Manis Fredman, one of the most famous American rabbis, made highly controversial statements that have caused uproar and concern among various groups. The remarks, which encourage the killing of all Israeli hostages and offer a twisted interpretation of the definition of civilians, have raised serious questions about morality and religious teachings.

Rabbi Manis Fredman, who boasts over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, is known for his significant following and influence. However, his recent statements have shocked many individuals who question the dangerous ideas he is promoting. In the video, Fredman argues that killing Israeli hostages is justifiable and claims that anyone who does not wave a white flag is not considered a civilian. This notion raises serious ethical concerns and disregards fundamental moral principles upheld by many religious and secular communities.

Fredman’s statements echo his disturbing views expressed in a 2009 interview, where he advocated for the destruction of holy sites, killing men, women, children, and even animals. He rejected Western morality, which values the protection of civilians and children, emphasizing that the Jewish way, as he sees it, involves violence and destruction. Such extreme beliefs have been widely condemned as they promote violence and disregard the sanctity of life.

The rabbi’s argument that there are no Palestinian civilians and that all individuals in Gaza are legitimate targets is deeply troubling. It ignores international standards and laws, and it fails to acknowledge the innocence of children, older people, and other non-combatants. This view perpetuates a dangerous cycle of violence and justifies acts that violate fundamental human rights.

It is crucial to recognize that these views do not represent the broader Jewish community or Jewish religious teachings. Many Jewish faith leaders have spoken out against violence and emphasized the principles of peace, justice, and compassion. This divisive rhetoric only serves to deepen divisions and hinder progress towards a peaceful resolution in the region.

The controversial statements made by Rabbi Manis Fredman are profoundly alarming and fly in the face of moral values and principles upheld by countless individuals and communities. It is essential to foster open dialogue and promote understanding to find peace and coexistence. Rejecting messages of hate and violence is crucial in building a more harmonious and inclusive society.

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