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Israel did not respond to the attack for many hours. How is this possible?

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Israel’s delayed response to a recent attack has raised questions about how such a breach could occur and remain unchecked for hours. Many people find it implausible that many individuals breached the border simultaneously without significant resistance. The scale of the attack, with hundreds of people getting through, has led to speculations about the reasons behind the delayed response.

Some people have suggested that the incompetence of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the security services could explain the failure to respond promptly. However, more is needed to account for the magnitude of the breach and the lack of intervention for several hours. There should have been multiple layers of defence and various mechanisms to detect and respond to breaches.

One possible explanation could be a cyber attack, as initially suggested in some unverified reports. However, the claim that Iranian hackers took down the IDF’s tech infrastructure lacks evidence and is highly unlikely. Even if it were true, one would expect the immediate mobilization of forces given the sensitive nature of the border and the proximity to the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War.

Another narrative emerging is that the observers stationed at the border were taken down by terrorists, leaving the area blind and hindering the response. However, this claim also lacks evidence, and the logical next step after such an attack would be to mobilize an overwhelming force to the area to regain control.

Furthermore, reports by Air Force pilots claiming they were present and fighting within 45 minutes of the breaches have been questioned, as no other observers in the surrounding area reported any aerial movement during those hours. These conflicting narratives only raise questions and erode trust in the official explanations.

It is worth noting that moves of fundamental military forces away from the Gaza border to secure illegal outposts in the Samaria region might have contributed to the delayed response. This decision, driven by political considerations, left the Gaza border relatively unprotected.

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The motivations behind the attack and the delayed response remain unclear. Speculations include leveraging the situation for a future prisoner exchange or disrupting the Saudi Accord and peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. However, without concrete evidence, these are merely speculative possibilities.

It is concerning that voices raising questions about the events are dismissed and labelled as fake news by the mainstream media. The lack of official statements, coupled with the attempts to silence those asking critical questions, creates a sense of unease and calls into question the transparency and accountability of those in power.

While we cannot definitively determine the true motivations and causes behind the attack and the delayed response, engaging in open discussions and questioning the narrative presented to us is crucial. We should strive to avoid being manipulated and used as pawns in conflicts that serve the interests of others rather than our own.

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