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Iranian President: The Palestinian cause is a necessity

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The ongoing war in Gaza has caught the attention of the world, and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ibrahim, recently spoke to Al Jazeera about his interpretation of the situation. He expressed his deep concern for the suffering of the Palestinian people and criticized the support that the United States and some European countries provide to the Zionist regime.

President Ibrahim argued that the Palestinian cause is a reflection of the injustice imposed by the Zionist regime on the Palestinian people. He stated that for over 75 years, the Zionist regime has killed, imprisoned, and confiscated Palestinian land, causing immense suffering to the Palestinians. Despite this, the Palestinians remain resilient and ready to sacrifice their lives for their cause.

The Iranian President emphasized that the Palestinian people’s struggle is a just one, and Iran stands in support of their resistance. He highlighted that while Iran supports the Palestinian resistance financially and politically, the decisions and actions of the resistance are made independently. He firmly stated that Iran does not dictate orders to the resistance but provides support based on their needs and aspirations.

President Ibrahim also discussed Iran’s diplomatic efforts to unite Arab and Muslim countries in calling for a ceasefire, delivery of relief aid, and the opening of border crossings. He acknowledged that the Palestinian issue is of utmost importance to the Islamic world and emphasized the need for cooperation among Muslim nations to address this critical matter. He criticized the United States and certain European countries for obstructing the ceasefire and humanitarian efforts.

When questioned about Israel’s goal of eliminating Hamas and reshaping the Middle East, President Ibrahim dismissed the notion that Israel or the United States could put an end to the resistance. He highlighted the resilience and determination of the Palestinian people and stated that no amount of injustice or killing could extinguish their resistance. He underscored Iran’s unwavering support for the resistance and expressed confidence in Iran’s strength, both militarily and morally.

In conclusion, the Iranian President reiterated the necessity of supporting the Palestinian cause and urged all countries to stand against the atrocities committed by the Zionist regime. He emphasized that the resistance’s struggle for justice and independence is a legitimate one, and Iran will continue to support their efforts. President Ibrahim also criticized the actions of the United States, pointing out their hypocrisy in claiming to support human rights while providing weapons to the Zionist regime.

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