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How Zionism Indoctrinated the West with Ahmed Paul Keeler

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The interview with Ahmed Paul Keeler discusses the impact of Zionism on the Western mindset and the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Keeler, a former Zionist, explains the historical roots of Zionism, its differences from Judaism as a faith, and how it has become embedded in Western education and culture.

He challenges the narrative of Zionism as a civilizing mission of the West in the Muslim world, emphasizing the current crisis in Palestine as a result of the religious and nationalist aspects of Zionism. Keeler points out the religious Zionists’ project to reclaim the Holy Sanctuary and their belief in the coming of the Messiah as a dangerous and passionate endeavour.

Regarding the Muslim world, Keeler acknowledges the strength of Muslim families and their religious adherence as a refuge in the face of the current storm. He highlights the role of Islam in providing compassion and mercy to those affected by the crisis in Gaza and the broader Muslim community.

The interview with Ahmed Paul Keeler offers insightful perspectives on Zionism, its impact on the Western mindset, and the ongoing crisis in Palestine. It presents a thought-provoking examination of the current situation’s historical, religious, and cultural factors and emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing these complex issues.

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