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‘Hamas Opened Up The Gates Of Hell’ – Mosab Hassan Yousef Tells Piers Morgan 

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The recent Israel-Hamas war has sparked intense debate and discussion around the world. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, an individual identified as Mosab Hassan Yousef shared his insights into Hamas and the conflict. It is essential to fact-check the claims made in the interview to gain a deeper understanding of the situation.

Yousef, who claims to be the eldest son of one of the co-founders of Hamas, provided an alarming perspective on the organization. According to his account, Hamas’s ultimate goal is to eradicate the state of Israel. He stated that Hamas cannot accept the existence of Israel and is willing to sacrifice Palestinian lives to achieve its ideological and religious agendas.

Yousef recounted his personal experience with Hamas while the organization imprisoned him. He witnessed their brutality and abuse of power, which led him to question their potential actions if they gained control. He claimed that his fears materialized when Hamas became the ruler of Gaza, and their viciousness was unleashed on the Palestinian people.

Regarding the recent escalation in violence, Yousef expressed surprise at the scale of Hamas’s attacks. He asserted that Hamas’s actions not only endangered Palestinian lives but also jeopardized the region as a whole. He emphasized the need to remove Hamas from power to prevent further bloodshed and destruction.

The interview addressed the support Hamas receives from regular Palestinians, particularly in Gaza. Yousef confidently claimed that once Hamas is removed from power, the people of Gaza will celebrate. He predicted that the Palestinian people would abandon the idea of annihilating Israel and express gratitude towards Israel for their actions.

When asked about achieving peace in the region, Yousef’s response was disheartening. He stated that war may be the only way to peace as long as Hamas remains in power. He warned that Hamas would continue to build military capabilities, making future conflicts even deadlier. Yousef argued that force is the last resort when dealing with Hamas’s violence.

Piers Morgan also presented the perspective of pro-Palestinian voices who argue that Israel’s actions have perpetuated the conflict. However, Yousef vehemently refuted these claims, blaming Hamas for hijacking the Palestinian cause and misleading their people. He argued that Hamas uses civilians as human shields and prevents their evacuation from dangerous situations.

Yousef’s passion and anger were evident throughout the interview, reflecting his deep concern for the Palestinian people. He emphasized that the focus should be on providing education, security, and a better life for Palestinian children rather than supporting corrupt leadership or pursuing a Palestinian state.

It is essential to fact-check the information presented in this interview to ensure accuracy. While Yousef’s account provides a unique perspective, it is necessary to consider multiple viewpoints and sources when forming a comprehensive understanding of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In conclusion, the interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef sheds light on the views of an individual who claims to have insider knowledge of Hamas. While his account may offer valuable insights, it is crucial to verify the claims made in the interview before drawing definitive conclusions about the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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