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From Hero to Zero: “Zelensky is delusional and everyone knows it in Ukraine” aids say in new report

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In a recent report by Redacted News, an article titled “Zelensky is delusional and everyone knows it in Ukraine” claims that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is facing desperation and is out of touch with reality. The article refers to a Time Magazine report that accuses Zelensky of being delusional and states that everyone in Ukraine, except Zelensky himself, knows that the war with Russia is over and that Ukraine has lost.

It is important to note that Time Magazine has been associated with the CIA in the past, according to the article. The author suggests that the CIA may be using Time Magazine to paint a grim picture of Zelensky and lay the groundwork for potential actions against him.

The Time Magazine report allegedly accessed Zelensky’s inner circle and revealed an unhinged leader disconnected from reality. The report claims that Zelensky’s closest aides consider him delusional and that he does not accept the fact that Ukraine is not winning the war against Russia. The article also highlights accusations of corruption within the Ukrainian government, with top officials allegedly lining their pockets with cash.

The Redacted News article discusses US funding to Ukraine and the possibility of further financial support. The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, reportedly only supports funding for Israel and is not in favour of sending money to Ukraine. The article suggests that the US is struggling financially and questions the decision to send taxpayer dollars to Ukraine while corruption continues to plague the country.

The author expresses concerns about the escalating attacks in formerly eastern Ukraine, which is now under Russian control. There are fears that Zelensky’s desperation may lead to desperate and potentially dangerous actions, such as launching false flag attacks or instigating conflicts with other countries.

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