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Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation

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In a interview, a former KGB agent provided shocking insights into the brainwashing tactics used by the Soviet Union to manipulate public opinion. The agent described how he was recruited by the KGB and his subsequent involvement in propaganda efforts.

The agent began by recounting his childhood memories, particularly the shift in perception towards the United States during World War II. He revealed how Soviet propaganda painted the U.S. as an aggressive imperialist power, which left a lasting impact on the population. False narratives of American aggression towards the Soviet Union fueled this anti-American sentiment.

Moving on to his experiences as a KGB agent, the individual highlighted his role in keeping foreign guests intoxicated as soon as they arrived in Moscow. This tactic was aimed at making them more pliable and susceptible to manipulation. He also spoke about his involvement with Novosti, a Soviet press agency that served as a front for the KGB. His primary assignment was to brainwash foreign diplomats and journalists who visited Moscow.

The agent shared his reasons for defecting, citing moral objections to the oppressive Soviet regime and the exploitation of countries like India. He expressed disillusionment with the system and a desire to dissociate himself from it. However, he noted that the Soviet system would not collapse without a push from the West, as multinational companies and governments continued to support it.

When questioned about the relevance of Soviet concentration camps in modern times, the agent revealed that millions of Soviet citizens were still subjected to forced labour in these camps. He rejected claims that concentration camps were a thing of the past, emphasizing the need for awareness and action.

Discussing the general sentiment towards the Soviet system among the population, the agent stated that most Soviet citizens did not support the regime. Even those who appeared to have advantages under the system, like himself, harboured deep-seated resentment. He highlighted the fear, lack of freedom, and oppressive atmosphere that permeated everyday life in the Soviet Union.

When asked about the chances of the people overthrowing the system, the agent believed that change would only occur from within. He noted a self-destructive element within socialist or communist systems due to the lack of feedback. Still, he emphasized the need for the West to stop supporting the Soviet regime for actual change to happen.

Throughout the interview, the agent stressed the power of ideological subversion, slowly changing the perception of reality in a nation to erode patriotic values and foster complacency. He claimed that this subtle brainwashing had already significantly impacted American society, with issues like demoralization and destabilization setting in.

The agent concluded by urging Americans to educate themselves and understand the impending danger of socialist and communist ideologies. He emphasized the need to force the government to stop aiding communism and prioritize defending the nation’s values.

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