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“Failure to Prevent Genocide”: Biden Sued as U.S. Provides Arms & Support for Israel’s Gaza Assault

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The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution calling for urgent and extended humanitarian pauses in Gaza and condemning Israel’s bombardment of the besieged enclave. However, Israel is rejecting this call for a ceasefire as it continues its assault on Gaza.

In response to the ongoing military raid on al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza City, the Secretary General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has denounced the attack as “totally unacceptable.” He emphasized that hospitals are not battlegrounds and that protecting the staff and patients is paramount.

As international calls for a ceasefire in Gaza mount, efforts are being made to hold Israel and its backers accountable for war crimes. The Center for Constitutional Rights in the United States has filed a lawsuit against President Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The lawsuit accuses them of failing to prevent genocide and seeks to block further military funding, arms, and diplomatic support to Israel.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Palestinian human rights organizations and individuals in Gaza, alleges that the United States has failed in its duty under international law to prevent the unfolding genocide against the Palestinian population in Gaza. It also asserts that the US is complicit in genocide by providing unconditional political support and rushing weapons to Israel.

The legal case raises the question of whether the ongoing events in Gaza constitute genocide. The Center for Constitutional Rights argues that specific intent to destroy a group, along with killing, causing serious bodily harm, and creating conditions of life intended to destroy a population in whole or in part, are present in the current situation. The organization emphasizes the need for immediate action to stop the killing and the siege in Gaza.

The lawsuit highlights the duty of the United States to prevent genocide as a signatory to the genocide convention. It calls for compassion and compliance with international law to allow the 2.2 million people in Gaza to live with dignity and have their rights respected.

While the legal case is ongoing, it is crucial for the public to fact-check and stay informed about the situation in Gaza. The need for humanitarian assistance and a peaceful resolution to the conflict remains paramount.

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