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Exposing the Hidden Forces: The Shocking Truth About NASA and Occult Symbols

In the world of conspiracy theories and hidden histories, few topics generate as much intrigue and controversy as the origins of NASA and the hidden symbols and terms that govern our daily lives. Two distinct yet interconnected narratives shed light on these subjects, each revealing a world that operates under a veil of secrecy and deception.

The first narrative stems from a controversial episode of a popular podcast, where the host delves into the purported satanic roots of NASA. The second comes from an influential speaker who exposes the hidden symbols and terms that dictate our legal and financial systems. Together, these narratives paint a picture of a world manipulated by unseen forces, occult practices, and hidden knowledge.

Candace and the Satanic Origins of NASA

The podcast begins with the host, Candace, addressing a recent controversy where she trended on social media for rejecting mainstream scientific theories. This episode transitions into a deep dive into the origins of NASA, spurred by a viewer’s claim that NASA’s foundations are steeped in satanic rituals. Candace’s exploration uncovers the influence of figures like Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, whose involvement in occult practices allegedly played a significant role in the early days of rocket science and the establishment of NASA.

Aleister Crowley, known for his extensive writings on black magic and his self-proclaimed title as “The Beast 666,” was a prominent occultist whose beliefs and practices left a lasting impact on various cultural movements, including the counterculture revolution of the 1960s. Crowley’s philosophies and rituals found a follower in Jack Parsons, a wealthy young man who co-founded NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Parsons, who was deeply involved in the occult, believed that humanity could reach space through demonic assistance. He and his associates, including L. Ron Hubbard, conducted various rituals aimed at summoning supernatural entities to aid their scientific endeavors. These rituals, often involving sex and blood sacrifices, were conducted in a location known as the Parsonage, a mansion in Pasadena that became a hub for occult activities.

Candace reads from an article that highlights the bizarre and disturbing life of Jack Parsons, who blended his passion for rocketry with his occult beliefs. Parsons’ experiments in the desert, near a location called Devil’s Gate, were as much about summoning demons as they were about advancing rocket science. The narrative suggests that these dark origins have been deliberately hidden from the public, raising questions about the true nature of NASA’s mission and its continued connection to occult practices.

Jordan Maxwell on the Hidden Symbolism in the Modern World

Parallel to Candace’s exploration of NASA’s satanic origins, Jordan Maxwell, an expert on occult symbolism, reveals how words, terms, and symbols shape our understanding of the world and maintain control over the masses. Maxwell argues that our legal and financial systems are deeply rooted in ancient occult practices, originating from the Phoenician Canaanite system and the druidic traditions of Europe.

Maxwell introduces the concept of Maritime Admiralty Law, a system of laws governing commerce on the water, which he claims has been superimposed onto our legal system. According to Maxwell, our names, written in all capital letters on legal documents, signify our status as corporate entities rather than natural persons. This distinction allows the legal system to control us as assets rather than free individuals.

The use of symbols extends to everyday aspects of life, from corporate logos to the architecture of courthouses. Maxwell explains that many symbols we encounter, such as the CBS eye or the Statue of Liberty, have hidden meanings that trace back to ancient occult practices. For instance, the magic wand, historically made from the wood of the holly tree, is now represented by Hollywood, the center of the entertainment industry, which Maxwell suggests is a modern-day continuation of ancient druidic magic.

Maxwell emphasizes that our understanding of the world is manipulated through language and symbolism. The terms used in the legal system, such as “bench” for the judge’s seat or “charge” in a court case, are derived from occult practices designed to maintain control over individuals. He argues that this hidden system ensures that power remains concentrated in the hands of a few, who use ancient knowledge to manipulate the masses.

The narratives presented by Candace and Jordan Maxwell offer a provocative view of the world, suggesting that our understanding of history, science, and law is influenced by hidden forces and ancient occult practices. Candace’s investigation into the origins of NASA reveals a connection to satanic rituals and occult figures, challenging the mainstream narrative of scientific progress. Maxwell’s exposition on the hidden symbols and terms in our legal and financial systems uncovers a world where ancient occult practices continue to exert influence over our lives.

These perspectives encourage us to question the official stories and seek a deeper understanding of the forces that shape our reality. Whether or not one accepts these theories, they underscore the importance of critical thinking and the need to explore the hidden aspects of our world. In doing so, we may uncover truths that challenge our perceptions and offer new insights into the nature of power and control.

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